Our all powerful God – A Lesson from JOB

I’ve started reading through the Bible book of Job. It’s not just a story about a man who experienced tough times, renewed his faith and obedience and was blessed by God. It is much more and yet, something much more […]

A Valley of Dry Bones

Imagine a hot, dry and barren desert. Only a few signs of life are evident in the occasional cactus struggling to survive. Imagine standing in the middle of that desert and you feel isolated, alone and uncertain. You look around […]

God Provides Shelter – The Roof is Fixed

I also wrote of our first challenge – roof repairs. Today I am thrilled to share God has honoured His promise of shelter and the roof is now fixed through amazing acts orchestrated by the Lord. More on this in […]


I came into the Life Study Group at a pivotal time where I knew I was finally making enough money to survive but, I had no idea how to manage it or even save. Finally understanding what it means to […]