I also wrote of our first challenge – roof repairs. Today I am thrilled to share God has honoured His promise of shelter and the roof is now fixed through amazing acts orchestrated by the Lord. More on this in a bit.

The last week or so has been tough. We have had ups and down, some short tempers and impatience. Human nature of self-reliance indeed battles against spiritual longing to rely on God. Things that are not usually a bother became sore points of frustration. We have a choice to make – either let such temporary things and feelings drive and control us in the long run or, repent and continually lay matters at the Lord’s feet because He is greater than all. Yesterday at church, we participated in a live presentation of the early tabernacle used by Israel. Full of precision and purpose, we are reminded of our imperfection and to continually come before Abba – our heavenly Daddy and ask for forgiveness and help when we slip. As 1 John 1:9 teaches, He is faithful and just to do so. 

Now, back to the roof. In Matthew 6:25-33 we read of God’s promises of provision. Food, clothing and shelter are our basic needs. As God’s beloved creation, He will not let His people go without needs. The Lord honoured this in two amazing ways with our roof. First, we had contacted our insurance company and obtained a repair quote of about $2,100. We have a $1,000 deductible on our house policy so, we would at least be paying $1,000. We also asked our agent if there would be any impact on our policy premium. The answer was our premium would increase by 20% if we completed the claim. Therefore, not only could this roof cost $1,000 in the short term but a permanent 20% more in the long term. “Lord, what do we do?”

God provided. The company that installed the roof just 1 year ago, had such empathy for our situation they offered to complete repairs for just the cost of materials. God’s first provision and He wasn’t done. On the very day repairs were completed I received an honourarium cheque from a church I had preached at 3 months ago. I had no idea this cheque was coming. What is more amazing, it was exactly sufficient to cover the cost of the materials, to the penny. God’s second provision.

The end result is a repaired roof and it didn’t require any cash outlay from us. Only a sovereign God can orchestrate a solution like that. Thank you Abba. Thank you for keeping your promises.