Imagine a hot, dry and barren desert. Only a few signs of life are evident in the occasional cactus struggling to survive. Imagine standing in the middle of that desert and you feel isolated, alone and uncertain. You look around and your eyes notice a strange covering on the ground. Bones. Bones as far as the eye can see. Dry bones stripped of their flesh and skin.

This last month has been an experience of more challenge than celebration. I looked back and felt April 1 is ancient history. That’s the last day I saw a pay cheque. Where is God? Lisa has only been working part time 2 days a week. What is God going to do and when?

The Bible illustrates such a desert scene of discouraging emotions in Ezekiel 37. I found myself reading of Ezekiel’s plea to God. Ezekiel envisioned himself standing in a valley of dry bones representing a spiritually oppressed people neglected by God’s blessings. I can relate.

Ezekiel, standing in his valley of bones cries out to God and pleads for God to revive the bones. He longed to see life restored. The bones were his people, the nation of Israel desperate for a Lord and Saviour. Ezekiel wanted to see the people healthy, strong, vibrant and relentlessly pursuing a personal and victorious relationship with God. I can relate. I want this for Canadians.

God responds to Ezekiel instructing Ezekiel to call out for God’s power. If he does so, God promised to restore the bones. God promised to knit the bones together and restore their flesh, sinew and skin. But then, with a very important caveat our Lord told Ezekiel even all that is not enough. He told Ezekiel not until Ezekiel calls out  for the supreme power of the Holy Spirit to breathe on the bones would life be restored.

A powerful lesson and reminder.

In times of financial difficulty and uncertainty, as in all times, it is not enough to ask or even plead for God to “fix” things. That’s easy. “Here’s the problem and here’s the solution”. But, how long will our solution last? It is not enough to just pray for more money or, for employment. True, these prayers are important and necessary but, they are just the first step. These prayers put the flesh, muscle and skin back on the bones but, they still don’t have life. They look good but are not yet really alive.

We must pray for the sovereign loving Holy Spirit of God to blow His mighty and pure breath on the flesh and bones to restore their life. It is the power of God, the breath of God that provides real long term healing, restoration and transformation for anything in life.

I can relate and this is my prayer. “Oh God, breath on the bones, Breathe on my bones, the ministry’s bones and the bones of people needing Your ministry in this valley we call Canada.” 

Would you pray with me? Ask God how He might desire for you to help revive the bones.